What if I'm not happy?


If you aren't happy with your photos, we can certainly help!  (If you aren't happy with something else, we can try ... but no guarantees!)

Not happy with your photos?

There's two ways we can make photos better: by taking them again, and by editing them to improve the results.

If you'd like to take a new set of photos, good news -- retake sessions are free!  Watch for retake day at your school, or visit our studio any time of year for another session.  If you don't like your photos we will replace your gallery with new photos at no cost; if you would just like to take more photos, a second session can be purchased at half price.

Editing can't fix everything, but many common concerns can be addressed by our talented retouching artists.  Shiny skin, blemishes, dark circles under the eyes, creases and other non-permanent concerns can be reduced or removed when you order your photos.  (We can also do more complex editing such as slimming or swapping faces to a different image, but there will be extra cost for those choices.)

Officially, our policy is that if you aren't happy we will replace your photos with another set at no charge.  If you would just like more photos to choose from, a 2nd session can be purchased for half price.  There's no limit on the reason for having a retake either: if you changed your hair, 

Not happy with your prints?

Printed products are fully guaranteed by our company and our photo lab.  If your photos arrive damaged or you have any quality concerns, please contact us and we'll walk through fixing the issue.  If your photos are damaged in the future we will even provide a replacement at reduced cost so you can continue to enjoy your photos.

Other concerns?

We hope you won't have too many problems - we try to be awesome!  Still, if you have any concerns about our service or our company please be in touch; you'll get a reply directly from the owner addressing your concern.

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